Fragrance Oils
I will create soaps and candles in any color and fragrance you wish.  The following
is a list of the oils I have access to.  Give me a call and we'll discuss your special order.

Fragrance Oils Type
Almond Biscotti Food
Amber Romance Perfume
Angel Perfume
Angel Amaretto Food
Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy
AppleJack'n Peel Food
Aromatherapy Mood Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Passion Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy Relax Aromatherapy
Bergamot & White Tea Herbal
Black Amber Musk Herbal
Black Cherry Berry
Blue Stone Herbal
Butterfly Hugs Floral
Campfire Smoke Nature
Cannabis Herbal
Caribbean Teakwood Perfume
Carrot Cake Food
Celtic Moonspice Herbal
Chocolate Cappuccino Food
Christmas Splendor Christmas
Christmas Tree Christmas
Cinnabuns Food
CK One Perfume
Cloved Cranberry Berry
Cranberry Marmalade Berry
Crème Broule Food
Cypress and Berries Nature
Day at the Spa Nature
Drakkar Perfume
Dream Angels Perfume
Dreamcatcher Herbal
Driftwood Herbal
Ed Hardy Women Perfume
Emeral Sea Herbal
Enchanted Apple Food
English Ivy Nature
Eucalyptus Herbal
Festival of Lites Christmas
Floral Violet Floral
French Vanilla (FCC) Food
Fresh Bamboo Herbal
Fresh Brewed Coffee Food
Fresh Cut Tulips Floral
Fresh Linens Herbal
Gardenia Floral
Gingerbread  Food
Gingered Pumpkin Food
Hawaiian Orchid Floral
Hearts 'n Flowers Floral
Holly and Ivy Christmas
Honey Almond Food
Honeymoon Romance Floral
HoneySuckle Floral
Hyacinth Floral
Indian Summer Herbal
Indonesian Teakwood Herbal
Iris and Fern Floral
Irish Crème Food
Island Necter Citrus
Jasmine Lime Citrus
Lemon Grass Citrus
Lemon Grass Green Tea Citrus
Lilac Floral
Lilac in Bloom Floral
Lily of the Valley Floral
Little Black Dress Floral
Lotus Blossom Floral
Love Spell Floral
Macintosh Apple Food
Mango Sage Tea Herbal
Montego Bay Herbal
Mood Enhance Herbal
Moon Lake Musk Herbal
Mulberry Berry
Nag Champa Herbal
Northwoods Christmas Christmas
Oakmoss Herbal
Oakmoss 'n Amber Herbal
Oatmeal Milk and Honey Food Almond
Old Fashioned Christmas Christmas
Orange Clove Citrus
Orange Cranberry Citrus
Orchid Rain Floral
Orchid Tea Floral
Passion Herbal
Patchouli Herbal
Pecan Pie Food
Peppercorn Perfume
Perfect Man Perfume
Pineapple Sage Citrus
Plumberry Berry
Pumpkin Apple Butter Food
Pumpkin Pie Food
Purple Hooters Floral
Relaxation Aromatherapy
Revitalizing Rosemary Mint Aromatherapy
Rose and Violet Floral
Sage and Citrus Citrus
Satin Sheets Floral
Sex on the Beach Citrus
Soothing Sandlewood Herbal
Spiced Cranberry Berry
Stormy Nights Herbal
Sunflower Floral
Sweet Orange Chili Pepper Citrus
Sweet Pea Floral
Sweetheart Roses Floral
The Perfect Man Perfume
Tiare Flowers Floral
Twigs 'n Berries Nature
Vanilla Bean Food
Vanilla Coffee Food
Vanilla Lace Food
Vanilla Lavender Food
Victorian Christmas Christmas
White Tea 'n Ginger Herbal
Wild Wild West Herbal Leather

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